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Compliments and Complaints


We are always looking for ways we can improve our school and you, the parents are well placed to help us. We love to hear if we have done something which has been particularly good for you or your child so that we can build on it and make the school a better place for everyone. So please do contact the Head Teacher, or the member of staff directly to tell us about it. Equally if you feel something could have been better with just a little change please give us your suggestions in the same way.



Unfortunately, however, from time to time things don't always go as planned and usually these issues can be sorted out with a bit of communication between school and home. It is always better to bring anything of this nature to the school's attention and here is how you do that:

1. Approach the member of staff involved to politely give your point of view. Usually with a bit of communication any misunderstandings can be ironed out at this stage.

2. If you are not satisfied with the outcome please arrange to meet Sarah Driver, the Head Teacher. This can be arranged through the school office, by e-mail to admin@tredworth-inf.gloucs.sch.uk or by telephone.

3. After your meeting with the head teacher if you are still unhappy with the outcome you will need to put your complaint in writing using our complaints form (see complaints policy) addressed to the Chair of Trustees. This can be handed into the school office marked confidential for the attention of the Chair of Trustees.

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