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The School Day

Start of the Day

School starts at 8.45am when the classroom doors are opened.

Parents or adults accompanying the child into school are encouraged to help the child choose lunch, change the individual reading book with the child and settle the child into school before leaving. Classroom doors are locked at 9.00am by which time adults should have left the classroom. Children arriving after this time need to be brought into school through the front entrance so that the adult accompanying them can sign the child in. This ensures that we have an accurate record of all children who are at school at any particular time.

Breakfast sessions

A healthy breakfast is provided in the school hall from 8.15am every day. Children are supervised by school staff and go to their classrooms at 8.45am. Children must arrive before 8.30am.


Each child is provided with his/her own water bottle which can be accessed by them throughout the day.

Mid morning fruit

Every child is given a piece of fruit mid morning.



Children can have a combination of school lunches or a lunchbox from home throughout the week.

School Midday Meal

Tredworth Infant School employs its own catering staff and meals are cooked on site from quality raw ingredients.

We are committed to providing children with healthy meal options. Meat and vegetables are sourced locally. Ready/ frozen meals are not served. There is always at least one vegetarian and one meat based meal choice.

Menus are on the website, displayed in cloakrooms and are available from the school office.

Children are provided with filtered water at lunchtime.

Free School Meal Entitlement

Every child is entitled to a lunch free of charge. Forms to access free school meals for your child are available from the school office. Please complete a form if you want your child to have a school lunch every day or on an occasional basis.

Lunch from home

If you prefer your child to bring a packed lunch from home, please send it into school in a named plastic container. In the interests of the child’s general health children drink the filtered water which is provided.

We expect parents/carers to consider the health of their child when providing a lunch from home. Please do not send drinks, sweets or chocolate in lunchboxes as they will be sent home at the end of the day.

Special dietary requirements

Please notify the school office if your child has any medical condition affecting his dietary needs.


End of the Day

Children are collected from the classroom door which will be unlocked at 3.00pm. Each class has a list of adults authorised by you to pick up your child.

Please inform the class teacher or telephone the school office if the arrangements for collecting your child differ on any day. In the interests of your child’s safety we only allow your child to be collected from school by adults on the authorised list unless informed otherwise by you.

At 3.10pm the classroom doors are locked and children still on site are taken to the school office where they will be supervised until collected by an authorised adult.