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April 2017

 Children with 100% attendance this term , were put into a prize draw to win £50 worth of toys. The winners were Rhys  Green and Layla Ansell.  Congratulations to them both.

January 2017

Merekat class filled their 'pizza' plate this means they had more than 96% attendance for 4 weeks, they enjoyed a special lunchtime treat.  

December 2016

Everyone is doing so well with attendance this term, despite the colds and coughs and tummy bugs! Last week any children with 100% attendance were invited to a tea party and magic show in school and there were 102 of you!! We also put those children's names into a hat and picked out on boy and one girl for £50 worth of toys! Have a look at the photos to see who won and what they have chosen. 


September 2016

Welcome back to a new year, we are hoping for a record number of children to attend this year.  We have the attendance bear already going home for great attenders and there is news to follow about how we will reward those children who come to school every day !

We also have some new bear outfilts, have a look at them below..You may be able to choose one to go home.

JULY 2017

Children with 100% attendance for this term were put into a prize draw to win £50 worth of toys. The winners were Maryam Ouiles and Alex Barnes


Congratulations to Jack Woodyard, Ryan Banda, Tianna Smith-Farquharson and James Flad Silva who attended school 100% for the year. They each won a garden outdoor activity pack.


Attendance Rosette Awards


Tiger Pizza Reward


Crocodile Tea Party

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