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Spring term 2018


Wellington Pig

Our year 2 classes had a pig visit the classroom and his name was Wellington. He left a book for us to read about his chocolatey day. The children have been acting out the story and have made story maps to help them remember the story.

Autumn Term 2017

The Naughty bus

We had an exciting start to the new year when the naughty bus came to visit us and casued chaos and mayhem wherever he went. He made a mess of our classrooms with ketchup and beans and even knocked over chairs and our coats. The children also explored a real double decker bus all before learning the story of the naughty bus. All of this excitemnet helped the children to become fantastic authors creating their own version of the story.

The Victorians

The Victorians has been the topic this term for Key stage one. We have been learning about life back then and comparing it to ours now. For one of our lessons the teahers transformed themselves and thier classrooms into a vicorian style. We thought they were very scary but the children wanted them to stay like it. I think they would have changed their minds quickly.

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