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Welcome to our pre school page.             

This is our third year of pre- school and it is a great adventure for us all. Our Pre- school follows the


Foundation Stage Curriculum, underpinned by the Early Years Outcomes, it builds on the skills and knowledge that the children already have. Our approach to learning is through a range of play-based activities which encourage the child to learn at their own pace and ability. Play is a key way in which young children learn, it is both enjoyable and challenging. It is important to remember that young children do not learn passively, they learn best by doing and being actively involved in their learning.Your child has already learnt a great deal by the time they join us. ~

These early years are the most formative and together parents and staff play a crucial part in establishing appropriate attitudes and approaches to learning in the children. The year your child spends in pre - school is the first of two years of the Foundation Stage, which ends at the end of the Reception year. We aim to ensure the curriculum in the Foundation Stage is broad and balanced, that social, emotional, physical, aesthetic and intellectual development are provided through a range of activities based around structured play. Children’s individual interests and abilities are always taken into account in planning their play but we also, in accordance with the Early Years Outcomes, support, foster and develop children’s learning in the following areas: Communication and Language Physical Development Personal, Social and Emotional Development. The above three prime areas are strengthened and applied through Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the world, Expressive Arts and Design.

October 2016

Our first term was  focusing on building up relationships and getting to know the new environment. We have been busy inside and out with lots of activities such as: dressing up, gluing and sticking, painting, water play, sand, ropes and swing including lots of small world opportunities. We have looked at Autumn and the changes it brings. Remembrance Day, Firework Night and Halloween. 


June/July 2016

Pre school have been enjoying their last term with lots of activities for turn taking and sharing resources. They have focussed on speaking and listening games and have been visiting Reception to prepare them for Reception in September. They have joined in with our whole school Circus and Den building Days as well as beginning to learn their phonics !  Have a look at our photographs below

April 2016

Our Pre Schoolers have been enjoying the sunshine and spending lots of time outside. With Spring in the air they have been looking at baby animals and Farmer Duck. They have been making mud pies and clay animals. The children have also made their own place mat for snack time. .

February/March 2016

Excitement was high this term as the Fire Engine came to visit and the children were able to climb aboard and explore it! They have celebrated World Book Day and had bedtime stories with their key workers. The children have been busy learning in lots of ways and have now begun to build friendships and have really settled into their play. They have been interested in so many things and it has been hard to keep up with them!! Have a look at the photographs below.


January 2016

Our pre school children have had a great start to the year. they have been very interested in bakng in the home corner, this led to making their own Gingerbread men! They have loved the ice and (fake) snow and explored it in lots of ways. They have loved filling differnt containers and tubes with water ( of various colours) and have been cooking in the mud kitchen.  With regular visits to the Reception area they have been cycling, climbing and rolling down the hiill! 

Christmas 2015

Our pre school classes have enjoyed their second term in school, they have been busy making cards and decorations and practising their Christmas songs. They held 2 performances on Thursday 17th December and everyone really enjoyed the songs and the instruments that accompanied them!

November 2015

Mrs Brown has left to have her baby, so we welcome Miss Pollard to our team! The children have been busy planting vegetables, painting and making friends!

September/October 2015

The children have settled in well this September with Mrs Brown. Miss Mortimore and Miss Humphries.  They have been getting to know the staff, the classrooms and the outside area.  Have a look at all the things they are doing!

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