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April 2017

This term our pre schoolers have been busy with welcoming in Spring, Mother's day and Easter.

The drier weather has meant that they have enjoyed , ice cream, picnics and walks with their dolls. They have been learning to take turns and wait, communicate clearly, count all sorts of things and find colours around them.

January 2017

Our interests this term have been Winter and the Chinese New Year.

We have been talking about the clothes we wear to keep us warm, feeling ice, finding frosted spider webs, making footprints in the flurry of snowthat  we had and drinking hot chocolate to warm us up!

Chinese New Year has been interesting for the children, who have been uisng chopsticks, tasting noodles and dancing to Chinese music.  .

December 2016

Merry Christmas to all our pre school children, we are so pleased with all the progress they have made, they have loved all the christmas activities and the christmas party, we look forward to seeing them back in the New Year.

September 2016

Its wonderful to see our previous children back and to welcome our new pre schoolers.  They have already been enjoying their Little Lion experience ! Have a look at the photographs below to see how they have got on.

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