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Children's Artwork for our Values

The children in Key Stage 1 have been designing Artwork to decorate the outside area . Each Value will be illustrated and painted by the children.

Term 2 - Respect

Our value for term 2 is Respect.

The children have been talking about what 'Respect' means to them. We have talked about Respect in Assembly and in the classroom. The teachers are using the term 'Respect'around school and some lovely displays have been made by the children.

Term 3 - Honesty

The children have come back to school after Christmas full of enthusiasm for our new value 'Honesty'.  They have  a good understanding of what it means and have taken an active part in our 'Honesty' Assemblies.

Term 4 - Courage

 Value for Term 4 is Courage...... this has been interpreted in lots of ways by the children....being brave in situations; having the courage to stand up for yourself and daring to be different! They have discussed Courage in circle times and during our Assemblies.

Term 5 - Responsibility

It's Term 5 and our value for this term is Responsibility.

Term 6 - Caring

Caring is our final Value of the year! The children have shown many ways of caring for their friends and family .

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