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Holi 2022

Valentines Disco


Harvest Festival

food bank

Roots Day

"We have been celebrating our Roots."

"We have been thingking about where we come from and the many languages we speak."

"We have been tasting delicious food from around the world."

Oracy Workshop

Our Oracy Workshop. This gave the parents an opportunity so see how we teach speaking and listening and give them stategies that they can use at home.

Below are a few quotes from parents that attended:

"I like how the staff communicated with the children. The children were all listening so well." EYFS parent.

"It was very useful." EYFS parent.

"It was great. It was nice seeing him working with other children. It was useful." Y1 parent.

"It was insperational and great to see them all takin gpart in the lesson. I like the listening cues used and would love a set for home." EYFS and Y1 parent.

"It was really interesting and I found out how I can support my child at home and how to make stories more exititng." Y2 parent.

"I like it very much. I saw great learning and the children enjoyed the activities so much." Y1 parent.

Keeping Ourselves Safe

In October we had a special visitor from the NSPCC talk to the children about 'Keeping Ourself Safe'

They enjoyed learning about Keeping Safe and lloved the puppet who taught them the Child Line Number: 08001111

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