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Early Years Curriculum

Pre-school and Reception classes follow the revised Early Years Curriculum Framework 2021, which is progressive, building on the skills and knowledge that a child already has.

The approach to learning is through a range of play-based activities which encourage the child to learn at their own pace and ability. Play is a key way in which young children learn. It is enjoyable and challenging. In the Reception classes, we ensure that there is a balance of structured and 'free' play. In more structured sessions, play is purposeful and has carefully planned objectives, and in 'free' play children follow their own interests with staff carefully intervening only to move learning on. It is important to remember that young children do not learn passively. They learn best by doing and being actively involved in their learning.

Your child has already learnt a great deal by the time they join us. These early years are the most formative and together parents and staff play a crucial part in establishing appropriate attitudes and approaches to learning in the children.

The year your child spends in pre-school is the first of two years of the Foundation Stage, which ends at the end of the Reception year, before Key Stage One begins in Year 1.

The curriculum in the Foundation Stage is broad and balanced. We aim to ensure that social, emotional, physical, aesthetic and intellectual development are provided through a range of activities based around play, which is challenging and developmental for each child.

In accordance with the curriculum, we support, foster and develop children’s' learning in the following areas:

Communication and language

Personal, Social and Emotional development

Physical Development

The above three prime areas are strengthened and applied through;



Understanding the world 

Expressive arts and design

Curriculum Plan

Planning is cross curricular and although staff plan using several topics each term we follow the interests of the children where possible. Children’s interests within these topics are fed into any future plans and next steps are identified.

Links with Nursery

The Early Years Team work closely with our nursery helping to ease the transition for the children into Reception. Children have opportunities to play in the Reception classes to help familiarise children with both the staff and the setting.

Before children start school we offer all parents a ‘meet a teacher’ appointment in school. This gives children and parents the opportunity to ask any questions and get to know you and your child better. We have found these appointments a great benefit to children starting school and would recommend them to you.

The start of school is an important time for any child and we are happy to discuss individual needs with parents.  We have a flexible approach to admission and will work with parents to make the transition into school a positive experience for you and your child.  Please contact the Early Years staff if you would like to discuss your child’s entry to school.




Nursery Application Form

Please fill in the application form and return to school or admin@tredworth-inf.gloucs.sch.uk along with the child's birth certificate and proof of address.

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