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We are changing our behaviour policy to 'Self Regulation and Wellbeing Policy', this is available to read in our Policy section here. This will be launched from the 28th September 2020 throughout the school and will include supporting children to regulate their emotions to support good behaviour choices.

Emotion coaching is the practice of talking with children about their feelings, and offering them ways for coping with emotionally difficult situations.

The goals is to empathise, reassure, and teach.

Their bodies might be small, but the same can't be said for their emotional reactions.

Young children encounter lots of frustration and reasons for negativity. They are frequently overcome by emotions like anger, sadnesss, anxiety, and fear.

Young children lack our life experiences. They are just beginning to learn how emotions work. They aren't as good at reading other people's feelings and intentions. They need opportunities to learn and practice.

Children, even young children, can learn how to better manage their moods. They just need our help. The trick is to make sure we provide it.


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